I will help you PASS the CPA exam FAST and CHEAP!

I passed ALL FOUR sections (BEC, FAR, AUD and REG) of the CPA exam CHEAP, and with only 25-50 hours studying for each - I will help you to do the same! 

The CPA exam is designed with information that no normal accountant would know (or use), and/or the breadth of information is so wide that no CPA could possibly be that much of an expert in so many different areas of accounting, that it is highly unlikely for anyone to score high enough to pass without studying...no matter how much real-life knowledge or experience he or she has!

The BOTTOM line is: Spending more money is not going to make you more likely to pass the CPA exam.  The content for almost all the study programs out there is VERY similar.  The MOST IMPORTANT key to passing is studying the right way and taking the test at the right time for you!  

SO...FORGET books, FORGET flash cards, FORGET audio CDs, lectures, etc.! Focus on multiple choice questions and word problems (which, by the way, most multiple choice questions are word problems anyway, it's just that with word problems, you sometimes need to know more details).

The truth is - the exams are made up of multiple choice questions and simulations, so the MAIN thing you should do to pass is practice multiple choice problems and simulations, NOT SIT THROUGH LECTURES, DO FLASH CARDS,ETC.! No matter how much you study, you will not know every answer to the CPA exam questions. You will have to use reasoning, process of elimination, AND test taking strategies to pass. So by practicing questions, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THE ANSWER, you will gain the ability to get questions that you don't know RIGHT on the actual exam. ALSO, when you get a practice question wrong, you receive immediate feedback as to what the right answer is (and usually WHY)! How long would it take you to find that in a text book!? You save a LOT of time just by pinpointing the information that you need to study. THEN, when you go back and re-take the questions, you will be surprised at how much you have learned.

As to software and study programs:  It doesn't matter as much WHAT program you use, but HOW you use it.  It doesn't even have to always be the most recent version of the software, depending on how many changes were made to the exam this year!

What the OVERPRICED CPA review program-makers don't tell you:
1- How many changes they made from the past year's study materials
2- How much knowledge is required to pass vs. score 100
3- How to study RIGHT for you
4- When to take the test
5- How to take the test
6- Books, flash cards, audio CDs, lectures, and lecture CDs are often made to line their pocketbooks with your money, NOT to help you study (they are often the LEAST EFFECTIVE way to study)!

For the first exam (BEC), all I used was free practice exam multiple choice questions available to anyone. I am not going to lie, those were BARELY enough to pass (and I mean by the skin of my teeth). I really felt like I only used a tiny amount of the knowledge that I gained from studying to pass the exam, and the rest was reasoning, knowledge that I picked up from actual experience, and test-taking strategies. If I did not have a strong test-taking strategy, I would not have passed!

However, I tried the same strategy on the REG section, and failed because I DIDN'T FINISH! Someone told me not to worry about the simulations because it is just a different way of testing the same information. That may be true, but since I had no experience getting through the questions quickly, I did not finish even though I had enough knowledge to pass (barely). ALSO, because my knowledge was borderline passing (75-80%), I had NO MARGIN FOR ERROR. That is why I recommend some review software that has simulations, and NOT having only BARELY enough knowledge to pass.

When I was preparing for FAR, I added a two year old edition of a mainstream CPA review software to my studying. This gave me simulations, and more detailed information whichdefinitely was useful on the actual exam, and I passed it easily.

For AUD, I was at the end of my testing window, and had very little time to studySo I implemented a rapid study method that helped me to PASS with a 77 on LESS THAN 25 HOURS OF TOTAL STUDY TIME! I don't recommend it, but it can be done, so NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

By the time I had refined my study and test-taking methods into WHAT I am providing you...I re-took REG and scored a 90 (overkill, I know)!

In summary, I recommend using free resources, combined with a reputable practice exam software THAT DOESN'T BREAK THE BANK!  Most of the studying that counts for passing the actual exam is what you complete within 3 weeks prior to taking it. Anything else is often too far out to count toward passing the exam (unless you commit it to your long-term memory). I have a friend who used Exammatrix, which is also a very good review program, but he studied "a little here and a little there," and failed miserably.

Another thing that you should know is that when you receive your NTS (Notice to Schedule), DO NOT follow the instructions on the sheet that state that you should IMMEDIATELY schedule your exam times so that you get the best times for you. They benefit by you failing, because you have to re-take the exam. The real truth of the matter is that you should not schedule it until YOU are ready. The biggest truth about why people fail the CPA exam is because they have it scheduled and they hoped to be ready, and even though they weren't, they figured that they might as well try to pass it anyway. That method is nearly GUARANTEED TO FAIL. I have two co-workers who failed sections of the CPA exam recently - one relied on audio review in his car, and the other had planned to study, but some things came up in her life so she didn't study much at all, but she decided to take the exam anyway because it would have cost her an additional fee to reschedule it - she relied on "her work experience" to help her pass. FAIL.

You are in a select group of the smartest people in the world that take the CPA exam every year, and yet over half of them fail...Don't let it be you! Be smarter than the test!

My goal is for you to pass the CPA exam with the minimum amount of studying, and the minimum cost. To do that, you will need a perfect balance of 1- knowledge, and 2- test-taking ability.

Here is what I have to offer:

1- A simple, tested six-step plan for passing the CPA exam with the minimum amount of studying. I want to ensure that NO time is wasted!
2- A simple, tested "five-pronged" test-taking strategy that works every time, when used properly. It is SO IMPORTANT to EXECUTE THE EXAM PROPERLY!
3- A free copy of my book, "How to Get A's: Five Principles Every Student Should Live By" with CPA review addendum (I wrote it in 2007 with a more general focus, but the studying and test-taking strategies apply to the CPA exam).
4- Information on the free CPA exam review resources available, which are sufficient to pass (IF you are a great test-taker!).
5-GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with the program AND that you will PASS if you use it OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

I would love to help you pass! (and save you time and money!) BUY NOW!

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I would love to help you pass! (and save you time and money!)  BUY NOW!