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Important Web-links
    -Provided by Becker
    -Do these.  They are short, but will give you a feel for the exam format.
    -This is amusing.  The bottom line is that it is very complex, the test gets harder if you are doing well, and the end result is the same (pass/fail using complex methods vs. if it was a simple percentage correct (like almost every other exam out there)).

Free Downloads 
(see below for links):
1- Personal Assessment Tool
    Helps you to do an honest assessment of your test-taking ability, and your prospects for passing the CPA exam.  It should also help you in creating a study plan, and in deciding which software / tools will be sufficient for you!

2- Scorecard
    This is a simple spreadsheet organized to track your progress and results as you study for each section of the CPA exam.  It will help you to recognize which content you are doing well with, as well as the sections which you should focus on for improvement.  It can also help you to analyze your reasoning and guessing skills.  This tool is especially useful when using free CPA review resources (as described in the do-it-yourself plan) and other software that may not track all of this information in detail.

Eric Jackson,
Dec 2, 2010, 10:35 PM
Eric Jackson,
Dec 2, 2010, 10:36 PM